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National Career Club/Metro Area Chapters
Urban High School Youth and Adults
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Prototype Website
Prototype Website
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Chapter-Based Skill Building Career Club

High School Chapter Prototype

Detailed Features & Functions

 • Revenues from Sponsorships, Grants and Membership Cards 
 • Positive School Impact based on improved at-risk student performance
 • Teacher Advisory Council implements charter to create chapter 
 Career Aspirations Workshop
 Summer Career Aspirations Challenge
2. Career Aspirations Workshop
 • Benefits of career aspirations 
 • Summer Career Aspirations Challenge competition - 9th graders
3. Online Member Application  
 • Member Types are identified for selection on the website menu
4. Pearl Intake Process 
  Step 1: Welcome Networking Reception For Interested Students (Teacher Invitation Only) 
  Step 2: Career Aspiration Workshop
             - Career Aspirations List (Required for Induction Ceremony) 
  Step 3: PEARL Assessment Interview
  Step 4: Student Induction Ceremony  - students become chapter members for 1 year
        - Career Prosperity Pledge 
        - Student Membership Cards 
        - Personal Networking
 5. Advisor, Volunteer, Sponsor Intake Process
Adult Induction Ceremony - Teacher Advisors, Volunteers, and Sponsors become chapter members for 1 year  
    - Orientation Meeting (Adults)  
    - Induction Ceremony Introductions (Adults and Students)
    - Networking (Adults and Students) 
    - Adult Membership Cards
5. Parent Information Kit
 • Introductory Brochure
 • Notice of Selection 
 • Disclosure Agreement
 • Consent and Authorization
 • Release from Liability
6. 5 Member Types
 • Student Pearls Type Classifications: 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade
 • Teacher Advisors Type Classifications: 9th Grade Advisor, 10th Grade Advisor, 11th Grade Advisor, 12th Grade Advisor
    - Teacher Advisory Council Annual Activity Plan, Technical Support, Pearl Profiles, Bank Account, and Annual Operating Budget, Scholarship Fund
 • Volunteer Supporters Type Classifications: 1) Mentor Day Assistant, 2) Skills Project Coach, 3) Mentoring Facilitator, 4) College Track Monitor, 5) Awards Luncheon Assistant, 6) Scoring Panel Member, 7) Scholarship Fund Assistant, 8) Tour Planning Assistant
 • Sponsors Type Classifications: Pearl, Skills, College Track, Aspirations
 • 90-Day Free Trial All type classifications, Limited Participation and Priviledges 
 7. Pearls In Action Social Media
 • Six Social Media Channels - Sponsored Video Productions
 • 1-Minute Skill Demonstrations (Annual Skills Competition-See Feature 10)
 • 1-Minute Knowledge Demonstrations (Annual College Track Competition-See Feature 10)
 8. Annual Awards Luncheon
 • Special Guest Presenter
 • Displays
 • Prizes - Items selected by TAC that accompany awards 
 •Trophies and Awards
9. Officers (Chapter Leadership)
President - Chapter Growth Goals, Chapter Compliance Goals, Chapter Meetings, Leadership Meetings, Chapter Delegates (See Feature 12) 
Vice President-Skills Competition
Vice President-College Track Competition  
4 Vice Presidents (1 Per Classification Group)-CPG System, Pearl Feedback
10. Annual Competitions
 • Skills Competition Weekly Skill Demonstrations (Social Media)  
    - Skills Pipeline (Skill Mastery Certificates and Skill Awards)
 • College Track Competition Weekly Knowledge Demonstrations (Social Media)
    - Self-Paced Personal Learning Experiences
 • Road To Becoming - 7 Key Features CPG System
    - Peer Partners
 • Weekly Group Brainstorming
 • Growth Mindset
 • Career Prosperity Wheel
11. Tours and Travel
 Local Colleges
 Local Businesses
 Special Travel Awards
12. National Convention 
 Delegates Member/Delegate Ratio - 10/1 
 Area Delegate Teams - Each metro area has a delegate team with a chair selected by the team. The team consists of each delegate from each chapter in the metro area. The chair organizes the team and sets convention goals and strategies for the metro area. 
13. Exemplar Mentoring Days 
      - Industry Interest Groups
      - Exemplar Mentors
      - Industry Sectors 
14. Online Chapter Store 



Explore College Chapter Prototype Features and Functions

1. Chapter Host                                                                                   
• College administrator receives and owns charter via host agreement, obtains approval of chapter as a campus organization, provides facilities and equipment.
2. Area Affiliate 
3. Charter Types 
 4. Online Member Applications                      

1.   Chapter Host:
College Administrator Signs Host Agreement
2.   Chapter Officers: President, Vice President-Skills Competition, Vice President-Jumpstart Competition
3.   Member Types: Pearl, Advisor, Supporter, Strategist, Sponsor 
4.   Pearl Member Classifications: 2-1, 2-2, 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4, G-1, G-2
5.   Advisor Member Classifications:
6.   Supporter Member Classifications:
7.   Strategist Member Classifications:
8.   Sponsor Member Classifications:
9.   Annual Competitions:
10. Weekly Challenges:
11. Awards:
12. Prizes:
13. Annual Awards Luncheon:
14. Tele-Sessions:
15. Peer Partners:
16. Delegates:
17. The Road To Becoming:
18. Annual Operating Budget:
19. Charter Requirements:
20. Benefits Report:


Explore Breakthrough Chapter Prototype Features and Functions

 1. Breakthrough Chapter Host
 • Aspirational Freelance Professional with Super Goals
 • Receives and owns Charter
 • Rents PWP facilities as needed
 2. Career Aspirations Workshop                                  
 3. Online Membership Application
 4. Member Types
 5. Officers
 6. Pearl Intake Process
 7. Yearly Skills Competition
 8. Yearly Milestone Competition
 9. Pearls In Action
 10. Monthly Awards Luncheon
 11. Tours and Trips
 12. National Convention
 13. Online Store

Explore Pearls For Life Chapter Prototype Features and Functions

 1. PLF Chapter Host        
 Aspirational Freelance Professional (30+ Years Old) With Super Goals                  
 2. PLF 4 Step Intake Process Career Aspirations Workshop
 3. Domain Growth System
 • Money Domain
    - Build Aspirational Tree of Money 
    - Complete 12 Weekly Money Growth Challenges
 • Relationships Domain
    - Build Aspirational Tree of Relationships
    - Complete 12 Weekly Relationships Growth Challenges
 • Beliefs Domain 
   - Build Aspirational Tree of Beliefs
   - Complete 12 Weekly Beliefs Growth Challenges 
 • Skills Domain 
   - Build Aspirational Tree of Skills
   - Complete 12 Weekly Skills Growth Challenges
 • Knowledge Domain
   - Build Aspirational Tree of Knowledge
   - Complete 12 Weekly Knowledge Growth Challenges
 • Spirit Domain 
   - Build Aspirational Tree of Spirit
   - Complete 12 Weekly Spirit Growth Challenges
 • Health Domain Aspirational Tree of Health

High School Chapter Division 

Obama Pearl Of The Year Award

Digital Documents
Brochures and Handbooks 

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