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Pearls Who Prosper Leadership System

PWP is in the process of developing a 5-level leadership system
as explained in this video

Year 1: Level 1 The Position Level
The individuals we hire in management or supervisory positions are all at this level with the idea of being promoted to Level 2 by the end of Year 1. 

Year 2: Level 2 The Permission Level
The individuals who listen well, observe well, and learn well will be promoted to this level. They will possess an attitude of service.

Year 3: Level 3 Production Level
The individuals who are results-oriented will be promoted to this level. They will demonstrate to others how to get things done. They will serve as role models for getting things done, for making things happen. 

Year 4: Level 4 People Development Level
The individuals who are the best production role models will be promoted to this level. They will focus on discovering he talents of others, on helping others learn and grow. They will use the John Maxwell 5-step process explained in the video.

Year 5: Level 5 Respect Level
In Year 5, individuals at Level 4 who have best demonstrated the ability to develop others, will be promoted to the top positions in the organization because they have earned the respect of the entire organization.