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National Career Club/Metro Area Chapters
Urban High School Youth and Adults
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Harris Pratt Pearls Who Prosper USA, Inc.
Career Club Sponsor and Developer 

Pearls Who Prosper Career Club
Sponsor / Developer

Founder, Jim Harris
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Board of Directors
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 Tennessee Non-Profit Corporation
Sponsorship Handbook 

National Headquarters

 Harris Pratt Responsibilities
Metro Area Development
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1. Create Metro Area Developers 
2. Fund Metro Area Developers   
3. Train Metro Area Developers  
4. Area Development Grants Management 

Technology and Website Development/Administration
Executive Vice President
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1. Create and Own Website Domains
2. Design Club Websites
Administer Website Pages
Select and Manage Software
Engage and Manager Administrators

Intellectual Properties and Branding
Executive Vice President 

1. Publish Club Member Handbooks (Each Division)
2. Annual Skills Competitions Guidebook
6. College Track Competition Guidebook
7. Teacher Advisory Council Handbook
8. Volunteer Handbook
9. Sponsor Handbook 
PWP Career Club
National Office/Management
Executive Vice President

1. 5-Year Club Vision Statement Based on the Plan of the National President
2. First Annual PWP National Convention
3. High School Chapter Scholarship Funds
4. National Co-Sponsor Relationships
5. Database Management
6. PWP Publishing
7. Trainings and Guest Presentations
      • Growth Mindset
      • Brain Neuroplasticity
      • Career Skills
8. National Local Sponsor Network  
Risk Management 
Legal Counsel
1. Review Contracts and Agreements
3. Maintain Insurance
4. Develop Governing Policies 
5. Publish Constitution And Bylaws
Grant Relationships
1. Develop Grant Relationships
2. Manage Grants  
Human Resource Management
Executive Vice President 
1. Create Independent Contractors
2. Support Regional Vice Presidents 
Pearl Programs, Products and Services 
Executive Vice President
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1. SDS Consultations
2. Aspirational Profiling
3. Career Prosperity Wheel
4. Skill Development
5. Mindset Development
Real Estate
Legal Counsel 
1. Manage Division Facilities 

We Are Social Entrepreneurs.
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Projected Harris Pratt Organization Chart