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College Pearl Assessment Interview
After submitting your online application, your interview will be scheduled.
This interview is part of the application process.

REQUIREMENT: Review the Pearls webpage of this website.

Assessment Panel

A 3-member assessment panel conducts an assessment interview. 
College Pearl Certification

After the interview, each panel member scores the interview based on a 28-point assessment point system. To become a college pearl, you have a certification number which appears on your certificate.  

70 Points Or More

New Pearl Certification
If you were not a pearl in high school, your certification # will have an "N" prefix. Your skill level will be based on your college student membership type. Individual skill awards will be based on skill challenges that you complete.  
Alumnus Pearl Certification

If you receive 70 or more points, you will receive the following certificate via email within 24 hours. Otherwise your application will remain pending.