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Urban High School Youth and Adults
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 Pearl Prosperity Pipeline
Progress Monitoring and Measurement System

High School Pearl Chapter Memberships

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Career Stage 1 - High School Pearls   
High School Pearls:
  - Pay chapter membership dues monthly
  - Explore career choices
  - Develop college plans
  - Compete for scholarships
  - Participate in community service projects 
  - Earn skill points via weekly contests 

Prosperity = The Realization of Your Aspirations (
Level 1 = 20 
Peer Partner Program
During a 30-week school year, each pearl participates in weekly contests to score progress points.

Pearls In Action produces, publishes and distributes videos (via YouTube) of skill and mindset demonstrations. Pearls move up, level by level, the College Readiness Scale. 

Level 0 = 001 -   99 Points = No Award
Level 1 = 100 - 199 Points = College Readiness Level 1 Award
Level 2 = 200 - 299 Points = College Readiness Level 2 Award
Level 3 = 300 - 399 Points = College Readiness Level 3 Award
Level 4 = 400 - 499 Points = College Readiness Level 4 Award
Level 5 = 500 or More Points = College Readiness Level 5 Award
Each award is accompanied by a prize given by a sponsor of the chapter.

Each High School Chapter:
  - Provides services based on its annual service plan.
  - Provides apprenticeships based on skill competitions.
  - Attracts sponsors to fund college and business tours. 
  - Solicits grants to fund competitions and college scholarships. 

Revenue Streams:
  - Chapters pay membership fees to join the club, enabling them to conduct competitions.
  - Chapter members (pearls) attract sponsors by earning points weekly in competitions.
  - Pearls win scholarships by participating in scholarship competitions.
  - Chapters win grants by graduating pearls on time with college acceptances. 

College Pearl Chapter Memberships

Community College Year 1

Community College Year 2

4-Year College 
Year 1

4-Year College
Year 2

4-Year College
Year 3

4-Year College
Year 4

Career Stage 2: College Pearls
College Pearls:
  - Pay chapter membership dues monthly
  - Talk weekly with coaches, advisors and strategists
  - Create and update career plans 
  - Compete for points to win internships
  - Participate in career jumpstart projects to win jumpstart certificates  

During the 30-week school year, each pearl strives to achieve new levels by scoring points weekly performing skill demonstrations on video. Pearls move up, level by level, the Career Jumpstart Scale.

Level 0 = 000 -   99 Points = No Award
Level 1 = 100 - 199 Points = Career Jumpstart 1 Award
Level 2 = 200 - 299 Points = Career Jumpstart 2 Award
Level 3 = 300 - 399 Points = Career Jumpstart 3 Award
Level 4 = 400 - 499 Points = Career Jumpstart 4 Award
Level 5 = 500 and More Points = Career Jumpstart 5 Award

rls to move up during the year on a career jumpstart scale. Level 1 To 100 Points. Level 2 To 200 Points. Level 3 To 300 Points. Level 4 To 400 Points. Level 5 To 500 Points. Videos and certificates are used to compete for internships while in college and for jobs after graduation. 

Each College Chapter:
and more These pearls make progress each week by earning skill points that qualify them for internships. As more skill points are earned, a new level of progress is achieved. A 5-level progress scale is used. Each year, pearls begin at level 1, and move up one level at a time until they have reached progress level 5.

Each local chapter provides services based on the service plan and the schedule of activities it approves. Sponsors fund activities and special projects.

Chapters join the club and pay membership fees to the national office of the club. This gives chapters the right to elect delegates to the national convention that year. The number of delegates awarded to each chapter is based on the size and performance of that chapter.       

Breakthrough Pearl Chapter Memberships

Career Stage 3: Breakthrough Pearls

Breakthrough Pearls:
  - Pay annual chapter membership dues
  - Attend welcome reception
  - Select Peer Partner
  - Talk weekly with coaches, advisors, stretegists
  - Enroll in annual prosperity wheel challenge
  - Register weekly for breakthrough projects
  - Enroll in annual skill building challenge
  - Register weekly for skill demonstration projects
  - Participate in industry interest group activities
  - Attend monthly awards luncheon

Over a 50-week activity year, pearls earn points weekly