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National Career Club/Metro Area Chapters
Urban High School Youth and Adults
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Join a Chapter Support Council
("High School Pearl Adult Volunteers")


Members of Churches, Civic and Community Organizations
Employees of Business Locations in Targeted Neighborhoods

Membership enables you help at-risk high school students gain college acceptance. 
Membership Dues: $20 a year 

Opportunities To Volunteer In 8 Capacities 

1. Mentoring Day Planning Assistant  
Assist Teachers In The Planning and
Conduct of Exemplar Mentoring Days.
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2. Growth Mindset Mentoring Facilitator  
Help Students Develop Their Growth Mindset
Facilitate The Formation and Success Of 1-on-1 Exemplar Mentoring
Relationships Between Pearls And Their Exemplar Mentors. 
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3. Skills Project Coach 
Enable Pearls To Select And Complete Skill-Building Projects.
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4. Scholarship Supporter  
Attend Scholarship Support Meetings And Contribute Monthly To The Chapter Scholarship Fund.
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5. College Track Monitor  
Encourage Pearls To Continue Weekly Progress To Complete Building Their 4-Phase College Tracks.
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6. Awards Luncheon Assistant
Assist Teacher Advisors To Plan And Carry Out This Annual School Event.
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7. Tour Planning Assistant
Assist Teacher Advisors to Plan and Carry Out Business Tours And College Tours.
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8. Scoring Panel Member
Review Documents Prepared By Pearls And Award Knowledge-Gained Points Based On Rubrics.
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Community Support Network
Members of each Chapter Support Council may join this larger network to suggest improvements.

 Principals of targeted high schools who are considering a PWP chapter may designate a representative to the Community Support Network.