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National Career Club/Metro Area Chapters
Urban High School Youth and Adults
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Agriscience College and Career Fair
This St. Louis event for at-risk pearls was produced by Jim Harris, formerly Vice President and Program Director for Bell Community Services, Inc., now founder of Pearls Who Prosper. This is an example of a high school chapter PWP awards event, or a Pearls Who Prosper metro area cluster expo event. 

Advanced Placement and Pre-Advanced Placement
Our weekly hourly learning experiences include introducing pearls to the concept and value of advanced placement courses. This addresses the challenge of college completion for low-income high school students who, typically, are behind in math and science. 

More Challenging Courses in High School
Students need to take more challenging courses in high school to become college ready. Failure to be college ready upon graduation means difficulty completing college. For this reason, we reward pearls with points for AP or Pre-AP courses they take.

Keeping Students In School
Pearls Who Prosper focuses on at-risk, low-income students who may begin high school with  weak grades, poor attendance, and little involvement in school. We first invite them to join the PWP chapter in the 9th grade. Our goal is not just to keep them in school, but to graduate from high school college ready with scholarships and college acceptance letters. 



Communicating Data Is Important To Pearls Who Prosper
We use volunteer scoring panels to collect data on each pearl after each co-curricular learning experience. This data is color coded to clearly communicate to sponsors and teacher advisors how well that pearl demonstrated knowledge gained.