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National Career Club/Metro Area Chapters
Urban High School Youth and Adults
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Each Non-Profit Area Developer Generates Monthly Revenue
Using Our Partner Referral Program
Example: United Way Network

Each Developer Charters New Chapters In  
Four Membership Divisions

High School Chapters • College Chapters • Breakthrough Chapters • Pearls For Life Chapters

Partner Handbook Download

Multi-Year Contract Opportunities In 
Targeted Metro Areas

Schedule And Conduct Partner Referral Events  

Local Partner Meet & Greet Sessions
Schedule and Attend Chapter Host Workshops 

Local Partner Training Sessions


Chapter Host Agreements

Fee Opportunities

 • Chapter Origination Fees 
 • Chapter Compliance Review Fees
 • Chapter Renewal Fees

Exclusive 5-Year Metro Area License Agreement

High School Chapters
Hosted by high school principals
Enable aspirational low-income high school students to become college students

College Chapters
Hosted by college administrators
Enable low-income college students to graduate on-time.  

Breakthrough Chapters
Hosted by community leaders certified in career growth mindsets.
Aspirational adults under age 30
Gain and enhance skills to enjoy breakthroughs and milestones.

Pearls For Life Chapters
Hosted by civic leaders certified in career growth mindsets
Aspirational adults 30+ years old
Develop skills to enjoy continued career growth year after year.

Career Aspirations Workshops
Plan, schedule, market, and manage
workshops for at-risk high school students
Primary Benefits   

Exclusive Territory Management
Area Developer enjoys the exclusive right to market and sell charter agreements in a multi-county territory (its metropolitan statistical area). 
Key Skills
Area Developer demonstrates these skills: 1) social media, 2) community networking, 3) sales, and 4) verbal and written communications. 
5-Year Area Development Plan
Area Developer   develops a 5-year operating plan, including a set of chapter goals and financial goals for each year of the 5-year contract. 
5 Primary Interests
Area Developer demonstrates an interest in: 1) reducing poverty in the metro area, 2) youth leadership and development, 3) improving public school outcomes for at-risk youth, 4) improving college outcomes for at-risk youth, and 5) helping those at-risk to grow and succeed.   


Operating Manuals, Handbooks, Training, and Documentation
PWP provides the training and documentation needed to develop chapters in its area. 
Community Partners
1) High School Principals, 2) College Administrators, 
3) Young Professionals, 4) Corporate Sponsors, 5) Civic Leaders, 6) Non-Profit Groups and Organizations. 

Products To Be Sold
Each PWP membership division sells products and services that support members.
1) Chapter Memberships, 2) College Scholarships, 3) Annual Skill Competitions, 4) Annual Wheel of Prosperity  Competitions, 5) Peer Partnerships  

Monthly Revenues
PWP pays a fee for each charter issued, reviewed and renewed. Several charter types are available as incentives for chapter growth.   

Office of the Area Director