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National Career Club/Metro Area Chapters
Urban High School Youth and Adults
Prototype Website Call Today: (800) 640-2183
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Prototype Website
Prototype Website
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Membership Fee: $20 / Year
3-Month Free Trail Available

The School Principal Serves As Host Of Each PWP High School Chapter

The Challenge of Urban High School Leaders
Creating a Vision of Educational Success For All Students
Many students have difficulty connecting high school success to career success

Career Exploration Pearls
9th Graders
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College Planning Pearls
10th Graders
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Scholarship Pearls
11th Graders
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Community Service Pearls
12th Graders
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Free 3-Month Host Trial Membership 
Enables you to test the interests of teachers and students in forming a chapter at your school.  
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Knowledge of Requirements 
Enables you to become more familiar with the policies and procedures that will produce the anticipated benefits.
Chapter Host Agreement
Enables you to review and discuss the charter and chapter host agreement.  
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Improved Student Graduation Rates


College Scholarships 

Improved Classroom Performance

High School Student Internships 

Improved Student Performance

Community Service