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National Career Club/Metro Area Chapters
Urban High School Youth and Adults
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Prototype Website
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High School Chapter Division

Pearls Who Prosper Career Club

At-Risk High School Students Across The Nation
Building College Tracks  

To Gain College Acceptance

Each high school chapter is chartered by a local
Non-Profit Area Affiliate 

and supported by a
Chapter Support Council

The PWP Community-School-Student Concept

Community Support
 The PWP Community Membership Network consists of high school pearls and their adult support individuals and organizations.

1. Families   Parents, children and related adults
2. Government Agencies     Elected and appointed officials
3. Churches   Pastors, ministry leaders, lay members
4. Employers   Owners, managers, supervisors, staff
5. Civic Groups   Community development, youth, food
6. Institutions  Hospitals, Research, Charities
7. Entrepreneurs   Self-Employed, Freelancers

 High School
Principal • Teachers • Administrators  

Students (High School and College)
EaAt-risk high school students
At-risk college students 

Chapter Types   

Model Chapters 

Males and Females (In Balance)
Total Students - 60
Grade Levels - 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Competition Weeks (School Year) - 30
Scholarship Fund  
Small Chapters 

 Males and Females (In Balance)
Total Students - 30 to 59
Grade Levels - 2 to 4
Competition Weeks (School Year) - 30
No Scholarship Fund

Male-Oriented Chapters

Model or Small Chapter
71% to 100% Male Members
Female-Oriented Chapters

Model or Small Chapter
71% - 100% Female Members

Prototype Chapters
A prototype chapter is a chapter in its first year of existence. It may be a model chapter, a small chapter, a male-oriented chapter or a female-oriented chapter.
It has no senior pearls, and no scholarship fund. It operates under a prototype charter.
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